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237 Smith St, Fitzroy - (03) 9017 5470

OMG, I'm in heaven!  I first came across Gelato Messina mid last year when I went to Sydney for a work trip.  I was staying in Darlinghurst and unsure of the local food scene, I decided to check out Urbanspoon Sydney.  Here, I found that the most popular eatery was an ice-creamery, Gelato Messina.  I fell in love with their gelato there and then.  I can even remember having the Poached Figs in Marsala and Apple Pie.

Gelato Messina Store in Fitzroy

So, when Messina opened a Melbourne store, I was so excited and had to go.  My friends and I unsuccessfully tried to arrange multiple gelato-trying dates, however in the end I was too impatient.  One hot Summer's night (note: a weeknight), BF and I went, where we were met by a line of people approx. 30-people-long waiting. The place was packed.


Gelato Messina's staff knew how to deal with the numbers, by giving everyone in the queue a menu.  A great idea for the indecisive patrons, like me.  We both got a double scoop cone.  BF chose the White Chocolate and Bounty, while I went for the Tiramisu and Apple Pie.  Yummo!  BF's favourite was the Bounty and praised its coconut flavour.  I, on the other hand, loved both.  Each flavour deliciously tasted like what is was supposed to - know this sounds simple, but it's true.  There were chucks of real tiramisu and apple pie within the gelato.  The only negative I could find, was that because there were pieces of cake/sponge in the tiramisu icecream, the texture was quite rough.

Tiramisu & Apple Pie and White Chocolate & Bounty

Inside Gelato Messina

People inside Gelato Messina Fitzroy
Still making ice-cream late into the night
I know the waiting lines look insane, but they do move relatively quickly, and it shouldn't be a reason why you shouldn't try Gelato Messina.  Their icecreams are delicious and the reason for the long queues.  These guys definitely know how to produce some amazing gelato.

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  1. It is so crazy good, best thing that's happened in the Roy in years