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A few Friday nights ago, we went to Maedaya.  It had been on our list for ages, but hadn't had a chance to get there until recently.  As we knew we couldn't book, we decided to go for an early dinner around 6-6:30pm.  There were already people when we arrived and by the time we left around 7:30pm, people were waiting for tables.  This Japanese Izakaya restaurant is definitely worth visiting.

This was actually the second time I'd been to Maedaya.  I had previously experienced their upstairs barbeque grill menu a few years ago however, I was interested to try their standard menu.

Exterior of Maedaya Restaurant

Interior of Maedaya Restaurant

One novelty which I hadn't experienced before was ordering by tablet.  (They didn't have this digital menu last time I was here.)  We were given an iPad where we ordered all our food and drinks from.  You even call for assistance and ask for the bill via the iPad.  It was cool to see the status of each ordered dish as well.  Definitely a fun and interesting idea.

Digital Menu Tablet with Mango Splash and Kirin Draught

Digital Menu and Ordering Tablet

After spending enjoyable time clicking through all the different dishes, we ordered the Double Salmon Roll.  BF and I love sushi and we weren't disappointed.  Fresh ingredients and super yummy.

Double Salmon Roll ($15.00)

As neither of us had tried Maedaya's standard menu, we decided on the Sumiyaki Set (Signature Sampler).  It consisted of a selection of skewered mixed grills.  It was great for sharing and for trying a great cross-section of meats and flavours.

Maedaya Sumiyaki Set - Signature Sampler ($15.80)
Tsukune Chicken Balls, Yakitori Chicken Thigh, Chilli Inari Bean Curd, Gyu Kushi Beef & Butakushi Pork Belly (L-R)

From here, we both found the chicken balls as the winner so we ordered the Tsukune Set (Chicken Balls) next.  Five skewers of grilled chicken mince balls with house Tare sauce topped with various sauces and seasonings.  There were only subtle differences between the variations, however all were delicious.

Maedaya Tsukune Set - Chicken Balls ($11.00)
Garlic Chips, Black Pepper, Nanami Chilli Pepper, Spicy Miso Mayonnaise, Wasabi Mayonnaise (L-R)

Maedaya doesn't just offer great Japanese food.  Their inclusion of an electronic ordering system makes the dining experience fun and unique.  The interior of Maedaya is pretty funky too.  Overall, a wonderful restaurant to eat-out at.

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