Sunday, 7 July 2013


411 Victoria St, Abbostford - ph: (03) 9650 8887

'Dessert Story brings you the best of Taiwanese and Hong Kong home-style dessert'

We've been curious to try Dessert Story since it opened on Victoria St a few months ago. The place reminds me of dessert bars in Singapore serving all sorts of tofu concoctions and bubble tea. 

I'm not a huge fan of Asian desserts in general - rice and beans should be reserved for savoury items only in my opinion - but I do love bubble tea and green tea milkshake. 

I enjoyed their green tea milkshake (made with green tea powder) although it wasn't quite as thick as I would like. On the plus side, it wasn't too sweet either, which was lovely. 

Green tea milkshake ($5.50)

My friend ordered the tofu pudding that she remembered from her childhood. Normally, you would choose from a number of toppings to add to the pudding, but she went for the plain version just with some sugar syrup. Apparently, Dessert Story makes the silken tofu themselves. I personally wouldn't be able to tell whether it was freshly made in house or not, but I did like its consistency and taste. My friend liked it as well, although not nearly as much as the home-made version she remembers.

Tofu pudding with sugar syrup

Another friend ordered the HK sago soup with mango cream, which was waaay too sweet for my liking. He thought it was pretty authentic compared to the sago you get in Hong Kong.

HK sago soup with mango cream

I am obviously no expert on Asian desserts, so it is a bit hard for me to accurately judge Dessert Story. Both my friends with a lot more experience in Asian cuisine enjoyed their dishes, although they were nothing out of the ordinary.

Yes, I would come back (have since come back for some more milkshake) baring in mind it is yet another restaurant chain selling mass produced - not home made - food.

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