Monday, 17 June 2013

KEEPCUP GIVEAWAY - Worth Over $70!

Yeay! We finally have a new product giveaway up for grabs courtesy of KeepCup and their Salute the Re-user campaign


'Salute the Reuser is a combination of efforts to connect our product, the KeepCup, with its purpose; reducing reliance on disposable cups.  We are coming of age here at KeepCup, transforming our business from a product based solution to a movement, based on positive change.'

KeepCup were one of the major sponsors for the International Coffee Festival, where they promoted their coffee cup reusing campaign. You can see more about their Salute the Reuser campaign on our Festival post.

I'm a fan of these guys and have been using their product for ages. I bought my cup from my local cafe and every time I take it in for a refill (instead of using one of their disposable take away cups), I get a discount on my coffee - saving the environment AND money one coffee at a time :)

The cup is easy to use and clean, doesn't leak or smell and most importantly - doesn't burn your hand like other reusable cups I've tried before.

Here is all you need to know about the promotion:

What is up for grabs:
- 1x regular size KeepCup
- 1x KeepCup carry bag
- 2x KeepCup tea towel
- 1x campaign tee shirt

How to participate:
- Simply leave a comment on this post about why you want a KeepCup (max 30 words)
- Become a follower, if you are not one already

Giveway rules:
- Melbourne Din(n)ing Blog will ship Australia wide. This competition is not open to international participants

The winner will be announced on Sunday, 30 June - good luck to everyone! 


  1. i want a keepcup cause my office doesn't allow open top mugs and takeaway coffee cups. the monotonous robotic work i do requires coffee and i have none! did i mention we only have two timed breaks? plus it's cold in winter! need keep cup!

  2. For so long I've tried all different manners of vessel to retain my morning coffee...dining plates, paddling pools, manila folders...all to no avail. Should I win this truly magnificent ground breaking item I would no longer suffer the indignity of driving along the Eastlink being covered head to toe in my double shot soy latte with one sugar. There may even be a chance that with the Campaign T-Shirt I could wear this over my work clothes creating not only an extra winter layer but an even further barrier against the dreaded coffee spill. I could also prevent drafty winds during this Melbourne winter by fashioning the KeepCup tea towels into a cravat and using the carry bag as a hat.

  3. what a terrific idea.....I drink lots of coffee when I visit the city from the country.... while I am driving around lost....soothes the nerves

  4. Toni Kitching. I would love to hand this awesome cup over at my local coffee shop, instead of receiving those nasty, burn your hand cups they give out!

  5. A Cup of my own to Keep,
    Saving the environment makes me leap,
    I won't burn my hands,
    While saving the lands.
    I want a keepcup to keep!

  6. To keep my coffee warm and the environment clean!

  7. Zoe I. To keep my yummy coffee warm & its really cute colours
    I would be crazy not to want this

  8. A keep cup would be the perfect solution for me who is someone who has started uni this year and dread those 6am train rides without a hit of caffeine.

  9. I don't own a KeepCup and feel totally left out -- I, too, want to make an indelible environmental impact like all of my friends!

  10. I've already got one, which has filled me with proselytising zeal, so I need a campaign T-shirt to reinforce my sermon as I hand over the free cup to the worst disposable cup offender I know.

  11. Keepcups are a great idea so much better for the environment and keeps my coffee warmer its a win win situation!

  12. To be honest, I just want the tea towels. I've got heaps of washing up to do :(

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  14. I NEED a new KeepCup because someone unkindly KEPT mine!

  15. The KeepCup would help me save the planet, save on my wallet, save me from scalds & save my sanity. Win/Win!!