Tuesday, 28 May 2013


654 High St Kew East
9859 9976

I grew up near Kew Junction, and it's always been a bit of a dead zone for good food.  This is equally (if not more) true of Kew East, so imagine my surprise when we found this place the other day.

Small Town Bakery is nestled amidst variety shops, butchers and micro gyms.  It's cute and well put together (reminds me of The Grain Store in Flinders Ln) and produces a variety of baked goods / light meals that hit the spot.  AND IT'S CHEAP!

Roasted Tomato Soup
They have a soup of the day which was roasted tomato.  Super hearty, super fresh and from memory about $7!

Chicken Empanada

At the risk of sounding slightly biased, I was a bit puzzled by an Anglo positioned bakery, run by Asians offering an empanada (I am Asian so I can say this).  But how wrong I was.  They offer very well constructed chicken, beef and vegetarian empanadas the size of a pastie for $5!  I have spent a lot of time in South America and you wouldn't be unhappy if you got this in Buenos Aires.   The chicken empanada was in a traditional empanada dough, but I would say the filling was a lot more Aussie influenced than South American.  But still nice!

Harvest Cookie
 They offer a variety of cookies, the 'harvest cookie' above as $2 and hit the spot.

I am sick of cafes taking the pi$$ with prices, we went to a cafe near our house the other day where they were charging $5.50 for a muffin (save that story for another day).  But at Small Town Bakery, you get quality bakery goods, with friendly service at amazing prices.

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    I will definitely be back for more. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Layne - we are a bit far from Boston, but glad you liked our blog!