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29 Thompson Avenue, Cowes, Phillip Island - ph: (03) 5952 2808

Hubby is always raving about Pino's Trattoria whenever he comes back from yet another biking adventure in Phillip Island.

Phillip Island has (according to hubby; I wouldn't have a clue) one of the best motorbike racing tracks in the world. There are a number of international racing championships and track days in the Island, and he regularly goes down either to watch or practice on his own bike.

Pino's Trattoria is the official hand out of international bikers when they are down in Australia for a race. The restaurant is full of motorbike memorabilia and mementos.

I personally avoid visiting Phillip Island on racing weekend - the town gets insanely busy and becomes the opposite of the relaxing weekend handout place I enjoy.

Pino's is open for lunch and dinner daily. The dining area was nearly empty when we arrived for a relaxed Sunday lunch early April. One of best things about Phillip Island is never having to queue of wait for a table - the whole island is generally pretty laid back, especially outside summer and racing weekends.

Pino's Trattoria specialises on pizza and pasta. Hubby loves the pizz here and we ordered the prosciutto pizza with extra rocket.
Prosciutto pizza - mozzarella, tomato sauce & sliced prosciutto + extra rocket
The base was fine and crunchy. Great texture mixed with simple, fresh ingredients. You can't go wrong with that.

I had my eyes on one of the day's specials and I'm so glad I ordered it. The grilled salmon with pea puree and herb risotto was fantastic. Both salmon and rice were perfectly cooked and I love the salsa verde addition to the pea and herb sauce. All the flavours works really well together to create a light, yet hearty dish.

I was surprised by the quality of execution of each element in this dish - par with any good Italian restaurant in Melbourne.

Grilled salmon with pea puree and herb risotto & salsa verde ($31)

I have to say hubby was right to rave about Pino's Trattoria. It's not just about rubbing shoulders with motorbike racing royalty at Pino's, it's about great Italian food too.

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