Tuesday, 16 April 2013


346 Bridge Rd Richmond

Bridge road is a funny shopping strip.  Amidst the factory outlets, pubs and cheap takeaway, there are a gazillion cafes hoping to cash in on the young money moving in.  But the offerings are generally poor, which is clear by the constant churn.  Richmond Larder has firmly established itself at the top of the pecking order, but there remain few others that can join them.

Cafe Azul is located in central bridge rd and despite having a name that means 'Cafe Blue' when it's painted green, has an otherwise strong positioning.  A chalk board menu provides (too) many options but the quality of the produce is good and there is a clear focus on fresh.  

The space is cramped, the service is a bit hit and miss, but the quality of the food is good and unusually for Richmond, it's quite reasonably priced.

We had the savoury muffin, which was baked in house and the philidephia cheese steak.  The reviews for both are almost remarkably similar and probably representative of a large portion of the menu.  Good ingredients, well plated, but a little on the fatty side.

So is Azul going to topple Richmond Hill?  Unlikely, but it should be a stayer in a region where it's neighbours are transient.
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