Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I may not be a huge fan of Peiking Duck, but Simon's restaurant surely makes it more interesting than most other places.

Simon - the owner, front of house and duck master - is an innate entertainer and provides a show in his own right. 

Not that Simon's Peiking Duck is one of those sad 'show restaurants' that try everything to distract you from the terrible food they serve. The duck here is good; the entertainment is just a bonus. 

And it is cheap too. For $55.00 you get a whole duck with all the complements for the pancake + a large dish of duck meat stir fried with noodles + duck soup.

Duck meat stir fried with noodles 
What I don't like about Peiking duck is the duck skin. I know that's the part most people love to eat, but I just hate the texture of any bird skin at all. I mentioned this to Simon as he first came to our table to dish out the duck - which he cuts in front of us - and voila, he slices some chunky pieces of skinless meat just for me. 

Simon's famous duck

The duck takes over a day to prepare and is really moist and tasty. The pancakes are paper thin and hole free.

I also ordered a seafood dish in addition to the duck feast just to be safe and was gladly surprised when my prawns came to the table. They were served with loads of fresh, nicely cooked vegies. The asparagus were particularly good.

Jumbo prawns with vegetables and cashew nut ($23.80)
Simon's is a (Chinese) family favourite and my in-laws have been going there for years. I liked this place - tasty food, well priced and very entertaining. 

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