Tuesday, 9 October 2012


122 Ormond Rd, Elwood - ph: (03) 9537 7333

My sister-in-law knows me too well and chose Wild Organic Cafe as the spot for our w-end brunch. She knows I drive hubby crazy with my preference for organic, locally grown, artisan food - synonym of 'expensive food' for him.

I was excited about trying Wild Cafe and their organic produce.

Wild Cafe is a small corner shop on Ormond Rd shopping strip. The space is pretty simple without much decor apart from the floor to ceiling glass walls.

We were able to get a table straight away on a Saturday morning and service was pretty quick too.

We started with drinks:

Mango and coconut smoothie 


Really rich and creamy coconut smoothie. I loved the toasted coconut shaving on top.

For my brekkie, I chose the mushroom and goats cheese omelet. My dish was really tasty. I loved the sweet roasted onions and the balsamic vinegar on top. Goats cheese was melting smooth. I was just a bit disappointed with the side salad - although the menu said radicchio salad, there were only a few radicchio leaves scattered around a rocket salad. It was tasty, but didn't fit the description of what I was expecting.

Goats cheese omelet filled with roasted button mushrooms, honey roasted red onion topped with a light radicchio salad ($15.90)

My sister-in-law wasn't too impressed by her lentil parotta (Indian hand rolled pastry). It looked nice when it got to the table, but she said the roll was a bit bland.

Parotta filled with mixed lentil dhal served crispy with aspiced yoghurt ($14.50)

Hubby enjoyed his moroccan-spiced lamb. He thought it was well cooked and well seasoned.

Parotta filled with a slow cooked lamb with Moroccan spices served with yoghurt and a spicy green harissa ($15.90)

Overall, I enjoyed the cafe. All well executed, substantial serves. Apart from the lentil dhal, the other dishes and drinks we had were pretty good.

I just didn't feel that passion for top quality produce at Wild Organic Cafe. Places that use organic produce will normally make a point of showcasing their local suppliers and highlight exactly where the ingredients are coming from. For me, cafe food doesn't need to be complicated. It's all about good ingredients creating simple, tasty dishes. It would be good to see more emphasizes given to their organic produce.

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