Monday, 11 June 2012


307 Racecourse Rd, Flemington - ph: (03) 9372 3288

If there is anything better than having a yummy meal, it is knowing that your meal is helping a social project.

I take my hat to projects that are able to deliver a commercially viable product while helping a cause and the Social Roasting Company is certainly one of them.

Cute cafe window 

The Social Roasting Company sources, grades and hand roasts their beans creating employment for disadvantaged people. They pour some seriously good coffee at the cafe and we also brought a bag home for our machine. 

Single origin coffee ($15 for 250g)

Their cafe in Flemington is a partnership with Streat, a social company churning out some seriously tasty food while providing long-term employment for homeless people.

We ordered the pork sandwich - South Carolina style pulled pork with housemade bread & butter pickle, coriander, cumin salted fries. The bread was ridiculously soft with a crunchy crust. Pork was moist and well seasoned, crunchy chips.

 Pork sandwich ($15)

Soft shell crab sandwich with tomato, lettuce, creole remoulade and coriander, cumin salted fries. The deep fried crab was crisp and tender and I loved the spicy dressing. Again. the bread was a star in this dish. 

Soft shell crab sandwich ($16) 

Excellent coffee with tasty, out of the box sandwiches. The Social Roasting Company are taking casual food to the next level AND fighting unemployment at the same time - now that's something to applaud.

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