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131 Chapel St, Prahan - ph: (03) 9939 1772
It might be the distance from Mexico, or the unfamiliarity with black beans, but until very recently Australia didn't really seem to have an obsession with Mexican street food like Americans do.

Tacos and burritos can be such a tasty, healthy option for a quick weekday lunch, yet good Mexican fast food joints are hard to find.

That said, I was keen to try Mad Mex, a relatively new fast food chain that has just opened their second outlet in Melbourne.

My first impression was of an upmarket eatery. I really liked the Corona bottles lamps.

Apart from the posh dining area, Mad Mex is like your usual fast food joint. You order and pay at the counter and help yourself to soft drinks and crockery. Burritos are made to order and you choose the fillings from an assortment of ingredients on display.

We ordered:

Burrito vegetariano - soft flour tortilla with black beans, cheese, lettuce, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and guacamole.

Burrito vegetariano ($7.90 for small)

Tasty burrito. All the ingredients tasted very fresh. Beans and vegetables were warm, but not boiling hot, which kept the lettuce crispy throughout.

Burrito vegetariano

Hubby ordered the quesadilla - grilled flour tortilla with cheese, capsicum and onions served with a choice of 2 salsas and sour cream.

Quesadillas ($9.90)

Quesadillas were nice and crispy. His green tomato salsa was too bland for me - nothing like the real tangy, sweet green salsa you get at real Mexican places...

...but not bad for a fast food place.

I thought Mad Mex offered pretty good food - fast, fresh and healthy.

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