Monday, 13 June 2011

PURE BREAD BAKERY - Best Sourdough In Melbourne

114 Union Road, Surrey Hills - ph: (03) 9836 3789

I 'discovered' this place some time ago when a friend who lives in Surrey Hill brought their bread to a barbecue at my place. After the first bite, I basically ignored the barbecue meat to eat simply bread with butter - their sourdough is that good.

Ever since then, we became regulars at the bakery (never mind the 20min Saturday morning drive to buy bread).

Pure Bread makes traditional sourdough bread. No additives, no preservatives. In addition to the basics - wholemeal, white and ciabatta sourdough - they also offer flavoured varieties, like onion and cheese, pumpkin, corn and walnut bread.

How can I describe the bread... crusty exterior, super soft inside, the slightly sour taste of real sourdough that lingers in the mouth. Just really, really good.

I love the smell of freshly baked bread whenever I go there early in the morning. We always end up getting at least a couple of loaves, so I generally don't try their sweets selection. Everything does look good. I've tried the chocolate brownie once and it was decadently gooey... perfect addition to my morning latte after a few minutes in the oven.

They also make great buns, including a delicious hot cross bun during Easter.

Pure Bread makes coffee as well, so there are a couple of cafe tables at the front; although I think most people just go for the bread. Definitely worth a visit.

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