Friday, 22 April 2011


32A Ballarat St, Yarraville - ph: (03) 9687 8365

Hausfrau is the cutest little bakery in Yarraville. They have so many cakes, pastries, biscuits to choose from! Not a place that I would recommend to someone in a diet, but a great place for anyone with a sweet tooth like myself :)

Since I came here for lunch, I resisted the temptation of heading straight to the sweets and started with a savoury cheese and corn muffin.

The muffin was served warm and was light and fluffy. I really liked the sweet and sour combination in the side salad - shredded carrots, green apple and raisins. The dish was filling, but light at the same time; leaving the exact amount of stomach space for dessert!

Savoury muffin with carrot, green apple and raisins

I indulged in THE BEST chocolate brownie ever. It was moist, crunch, not overly sweet and had little morsels of white chocolate throughout that melted in the mouth. Thoroughly enjoyed my dessert!

Chocolate brownie

Hubby ordered a ham & cheese sandwich made with serrano cured ham and gruyere cheese. He liked the ingredients - specially the crispy bread - but thought the sandwich was a bit dry. I think it would have been better toasted.

Ham & cheese sandwich

He also ordered a plain croissant, which was pretty good, but not as good as 'frenchy's'. Still, a pretty good effort.


Cute place, worth coming for desserts, cakes, muffins... I'm glad Hausfrau is too far from me for frequent visits; I wouldn't be able to go past without stopping for a treat!

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