Sunday, 20 February 2011


155 High St, Kew - ph: (03) 9853 8023

I rarely ever post about the same restaurant twice. There are so many places to write about; I try to always bring something new to the blog.

Having said that, the meal at Skinny Dog - and the ambiance, and the menu - was so different from the last time I've been there, it feels like I'm writing about a new place!

Hubby and I went there on a cold week night for quick dinner and ordered their traditional parma.

They still praise themselves on their ridiculously large parma - as you can see in the pictures!

But the parma was a bit different now. I'm not a huge fan of fried, greasy food. So I admired the fact that the chicken crust was crispier and less oily then I remembered it and the chicken was perfectly cooked.

We´ll be coming back!

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