Tuesday, 28 September 2010


538 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington - ph: (03) 9482 2991
Whenever I drove past APTE before, it always puzzled me way this place seemed to be so popular. Its location on a busy stretch of Heidelberg Rd is pretty much means like having a cute little cafe on a highway...
Finally came here today to check it out for myself with a friend who suggested this place because she's heard so many good reviews about it.
We arrived early(ish) - just before 10am - and got the last free table. Soon after, people were queuing up to get a sit.
I loved the cafe's atmosphere. There are dining areas: a large open area at the front and a an outdoor area surrounded by green at the back. The dining area is also an art gallery exhibiting work from local artists.
The place is really bright and inviting.
Now to the food. I couldn't resist the full brekkie - vegie style.
Vegie breakfast ($16.90) - 2 free range eggs, oven roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, spinach & house made tomato relish on organic toast
Eggs were perfectly cooked, the bread was delicious and I specially liked the homemade tomato relish. The dish was huge though. Could have easily been shared by 2 people.
My friend ordered the salmon with corn fritters. The dish was beautifully presented, but she felt the fritters were a bit too heavy. I tasted a bit and agree they used too much flour and not enough corn, as if the fritters were there as a doughy base for the salmon. Overall, I'd say the dish did work well as a whole.
Tasmanian salmon ($16.90) - smoked tasmanian salmon with a pea, feta & corn fritter, avocado, rocket & a dill sour cream
The ricotta hot cakes looked - and smelt - great when they arrived. The poached berries added a slightly sour touch to the sweet citrus infused ricotta. I had a bit and, like the fritters, the pancake itself let the dish down. Pancakes were too doughy and not as light as I'd like.
Ricotta hot-cakes ($15.00) - served with poached seasonal fruit, honey & orange infused ricotta
Lastly, hubby ordered the ciabatta from the lunch menu - just for himself. Really good.

Add VideoParmesan crusted ciabatta ($ 7.90) - served with apte pesto & aioli

When we walked to the counter, we were so tempted to get some of their great looking pastries. Cupcakes, brownies, muffins... all looked good. Altough really busy, I'd come back again for coffee and cake.

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  1. Haha, you wouldn't want to share that veggie breakfast with me - you wouldn't get any at all!

  2. Another great review, i love your posts. ssad about those pancakes though, pancakes have got to be my favourite breakfast meal

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