Saturday, 14 August 2010


611 Gilbert St, Preston - ph: (03) 9471 1900

Come here for: a-maaa-zing poached eggs, friendly staff, relaxing weekend brunch
Don't come here: if you live in the city or eastern suburbs and don't have a car - location is not that central.

Found this place by chance last week when I went shopping nearby. Whenever I'm looking for a place to eat and have no idea about what is good in the area, I go for the place with the most people inside - if it's full it must be good, right?

Well, my restaurant selection 'technique' is not that scientific, but let me tell you - it generally does work. In fact, it worked wonderfully at Jackson Dodds.

The place is pretty small and the decoration is simple. The kitchen consists of a long bench set a one corner of the dining room, so it kind of feels like you are sitting in someone's home kitchen.

We order our coffees - they arrive at no time and are pretty good.

Cafe latte

I haven't had such good, gooey, proper-dark-orange-egg-yolk egg in a while. Classic Eggs Benedict were sinfully good here! The only negative point for me was the amount of sauce they put on top, would have preferred a bit less.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict - yummy yolks

Hubby chooses the pea and corn fritters served with bacon. I'm not a huge fan of bacon, so stick to the fritters only, which taste great. He enjoys his bacon to the last bite.

Pea and corn fritters

The staff is what surprises me the most: really attentive and nice. We have 3 people coming to our table after the dishes are served to ask if everything is alright or if we need anything else. And they do it without being pushy or disturbing our conversation - they are just really attentive.

Jackson Dodds was a nice surprise to our trip to the northern suburbs.

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  1. Great find, those pea and corn fritters look stunning

  2. pea and haloumi fritters to be precise!

  3. Same experience. Excellent eggs florentine. Gorgeous earl grey. Loved it.