Saturday, 15 May 2010


354 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill - ph (03) 9486 3883

Come here for: bakery heaven! and if you have a sweet tooth
Don't come here: on a diet or on a budget. These goodies will set your pocket back and your tummy forward - but are worth every cent and every inch

This is my new favourite bakery. Well, one of my favourites at least :)

Came here for the first time a couple of weeks back for a business meeting and couldn't really go crazy of muffins and cupcakes. I managed to stick with a latte during the meeting, but couldn't resist picking up a ricotta, raspberry and white chocolate muffin ($5.50) on my way back to work. I started eating it in the car and nearly crashed - the muffin tasted soooooo good it made it difficult to concentrate on the traffic (small exaggeration; I just want to emphasize how much I liked it!).

So dragged hubby along the following weekend to properly indulge in their other baked goodies.

Hubby being a fan of croissants as he is, ordered not one - or two - but THREE different types of croissants they had on offer:


Spinach and ricotta topped with cheese cream

Ham and cheese topped with cheese cream

We both agreed that the filled croissants tasted better than the plain. Plain croissant was a bit doughy. The others were great - fillings were nice and moist and blended well with the buttery dough.

I wanted to try their bread, so chose one of the indulgent-looking sandwiches.

Tuna paste, olives, cos lettuce and artichoke on sourdough

Really soft bread with crunchy crust and generous filling made this sandwich a winner.

We had so much savory stuff that didn't have space left for the sweets - good excuse for a next trip.

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  1. You don't see enough tasty stuffed croissant sprinkled with sesame seeds. More sesame covered cheesiness, say I!

  2. Hi Conor. I thought it was a good 'innovation' on croissants. Will try to replicate it at home.