Sunday, 21 March 2010


37 Bridge Rd, Richmond - ph: 9428 6128

Khua Thai is my favorite local Thai restaurant. I first 'discovered' it through a friend a couple of years back and have been since become a fan.

What I like most about this place is their consistent inconsistency. Let me explain: they serve really good dishes and also some pretty bad ones, hence inconsistent. But the good dishes are consistently good, like my favorite - chicken yellow curry.

Gang Kari Gai (chicken yellow curry) - ($16.50)

The flavours burst in your mouth. It's spicy, but not too spicy and really fragrant with the curry leaves and galangal - the best.

Pork spring rolls were also very good. Crispy, paper thin rolls were filled with yummy, really moist pork. The chilli sauce complemented it well.

Pork spring rolls ($6.90)

Another favorite is Tom Yam soup. We ordered the clay pot to share around the table (4 of us) and it looked pretty small, which we were a bit disappointed about. But again, the taste was fantastic. The soup is pretty hot (they certainly don't spare the chilly!) but it doesn't overpower the other ingredients. I could still taste the ginger, lime and fish stock. Tom Ka (basically the same as Tom Yam + coconut cream) is also very good.

Tom Yum hot pot ($16.50)

Hubby is not a fan of seafood or spicy food, so he ordered his own dish of mild duck curry, which was ok, but a bit bland.

Gang Phed Ped Yang (duck red curry) - ($18.90)

Chicken salad was the hottest by far, but also delicious. The sourness of the freshly squeezed lime on top of the chicken made an interesting combination.

Larb gai (warm chicken mince salad) - ($15.90)

On the 'consistently bad' side, DO NOT order the roti. Hubby loves roti and will always order it in any restaurant that has it on the menu, but Krua Thai's version of roti is just not worth it. This one was doughy, heavy and soggy - not good at all.

Roti - three serves showed here ($3 per serve)

My theory is that Krua Thai has mastered Thai food, but when they try to incorporate Malaysian dish to their repertoire, it does not work.

In sum, steering clear from anything that sounds Malaysian on the menu, I'll keep coming back to Krua Thai again and again. Trust me, the chicken yellow curry is truly amazing.

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  1. You've done it again! Must. Have. Thai. Food.

  2. It really sucks to find a place that serves things that are amazingly incredibly good one day, and godawful the next. You keep taking the risk in the hope you will catch them on a good day. So, I'm glad to read that they are at least consistently good with the good stuff!

    That tom yum hot pot is making my nose run and eyes water just looking at it. Well worth the red face and tissue requirements I think :)

  3. Hi Camille - I know, Thai can be addictive!

    Hi Conor - the Tom Yam wasn't THAT hot, but worth the red face...