Monday, 8 March 2010


11 Ballarat St, Yarraville - ph: 9689 0052

There is nothing better to do on a public holiday then going out for a lazy brunch. On Labour Day we ventured out to the 'west side' to catch up with friends for brunch in Yarraville.

Our friends live in walking distance from The Corner Shop and come here often from breakfast and lunch. They've warned us about the coffees - hit and miss; sometimes great, other times undrinkable - but said food makes it all worth it.

Hence, I skipped coffee and went for some freshly brewed chai soy latte. My friend and I shared a large pot and we loved it. Strong cardamom and cinnamon spices, right temperature, served with a generous side of honey - flawless.

Large chai ($8.5 - serves two)

Hubby on the other hand ignores the warnings and orders his usual double ristretto of their single origin of the day - Colombian. The cup it comes in says it all. It's more like a double short black.

Double ristretto ($3)

On the food side, we are all really happy with our orders. Hubby starts with a deliciously moist and soft mango and coconut muffin. I had a bite to try and ended up eating half of it, it was so good.

Mango and coconut muffin ($3.5)

I ordered avocado on toast with rocket and feta salad served on sourdough. Funny how despite the ingredients individually not being as good as at Auction Rooms, I still enjoyed this so much more. The serve is the right (generous) size for a start. And rocket salad was done well and seasoned consistently. I finished it all in no time.

Avocado on toasted sourdough with lime, rocket and feta ($11.5)

Hubby tried braised bean with smoked paprika and chorizo on toast and also really enjoyed it. Beans were well cooked and paprika gave the chorizo a good punch.

Spanish braised beans with smoked paprika and chorizo on sourdough ($12.5)

One of our friends went for his usual baked eggs with chorizo, spiced tomato and feta. The eggs were perfectly cooked and gooey; it smelled really nice.

Baked eggs with chorizo, spiced tomato and feta ($12)

The other friend chose poached eggs with mushrooms and spinach. Again, eggs looked perfectly cooked.

Poached eggs ($9) with spinach and mushrooms ($3 each)

All in all, we really enjoyed our meal and look forward to coming back again to try their lunch menu (lunch is served from 12pm). Just make sure you get take away coffee from your favourite coffee shop before getting here, or stick with the teas :)

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  1. I've never come across a mango and coconut muffin before but I now feel my life is incomplete without having one.

  2. I agree with Conor! And am a huge fan of lazy weekend brunches.

  3. Hi Conor and Camille - you HAVE to try mango and coconut muffins, it makes such a great combination! I found a recipe that looks pretty good and straight forward:

  4. i have been going to the cornershop as a regular for sometime now. However i have recently had 3 bad experiences there and will NEVER be returning.

    the first was a hair in my food, which i chose to ignore. the second was a long black thick hair in a my food on another occasion, i sent the food back, no offer of comp. And today, they took 20+ minutes to deliver a coffee my partner had ordered. Our food arrived before coffee! Even after prompting them. When i requested that they remove the cost of the coffee from the bill $58 bill, $2 coffee. They were rude and indifferent, the owner of the shop the rudest of them all. My point to them (which i have experienced at other cafes) is that they made NO attempt to inform us that they were overwhelmed with orders (take aways seem to get priority over regular sit down customers). If they had taken just a moment to communicate with us - there would have been no issue. The owner was like 'we're a cafe, we're busy - get over it'.

    a friend of mine who is visiting from overseas was astounded at how rude they were.

    WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN OR RECOMMEND it to any of my friends. And i have previously taken them a lot of business.