Tuesday, 26 January 2010


58 Piper St, Kyneton - ph: 03 5422 6241

Ahhh, you've got to love the country!

There is this tiny little town about 100km north of Melbourne that I simply LOVE going to again and again: Kyneton. Why? It's foodies' paradise.

Piper St in Kyneton is crowded with great cafes, restaurants and gourmet food shops. On Piper St you will find the best pizza place in country Victoria (Pizza Verde) and two hatted restaurants (Annie Smither's Bistro and Royal George Hotel), according to The Age Good Food Guide.

Hartcourt apple juice - you haven't tried real apple juice until you taste this one!

I don't have a favorite cafe / restaurant there yet, as I haven't finished exploring them all yet. But I can say that one spot I love is the Little Swallow Cafe.

They make great coffee, have really attentive staff and serve amazing, out of the box food. Both breakfast and lunch options are great.

Soy latte ($3.5)

We arrived there around 3pm starving and went for some of the lunch items.

Hubby ordered yummy pressed sandwich with chicken, cheese and avocado.

Chicken and avocado toasted sandwich ($14)

My beetroot salad was delicious. Beetroot was tender and juicy, vinagrette went really well with goats curd.

Salad of beetroot, witlof, spinach, walnut & goats cheese with balsamic vinaigrette ($15)

Kyneton is a gem - worth exploring.


  1. Beetroot + goat cheese is such a winning combination. Looks like good honest flavoursome food.

  2. The Great foodies' paradise here to see in your blog. Is it also serves the Best Pizza in Melbourne like other restaurants?