Tuesday, 7 July 2009

LA TROPEZIENNE - Best Croissant in Town!

780 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn - ph: (03) 9818 1895

I LOVE this bakery's croissants, breads, macarons... everything french.

To me, La Tropezienne - or as my husband and I call it, 'the frenchie' - is the best french bakery around.

I simply love waking up early in a cold Sunday morning in winter to buy their freshly baked (and generally still slightly warm) croissant ($3 each, take away). It literally SMELLS like Paris. It is exactly how it's supposed to be: buttery, crunchy, airy, fresh.
Plain croissant
They also make amazing breads. The baguettes are gorgeous and the walnut bread is quite dense and very tasty. My favourite is the multi grain bread ($5.10 for a loaf). It comes covered in pumpkin seeds, that give it a great crunchy texture.

Multi grain bread
Their cakes are tarts are also yummy. I specially like the 'tart au citron' or lemon tart.
I received a comment on this post about the Tropezienne tart and have to confess that I didn't know the cafe was named after a dessert! So had to go back there and try it. I have to say it is delicious - it's basically two soft cakes with a creamy and rich vanilla filling and covered with almonds and slightly caramelized sugar. Definitely not good for your waistline, but worth a try nonetheless!
La Topezienne
La Tropezienne also makes good coffee and has a few tables if you want to eat in.
Note: their large size cakes and tarts are a great dessert option for dinner parties. Make sure to call in advance to reserve one. They very often sell out on some items by mid-afternoon on weekends.

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  1. A good croissant is a great find! Does this place do the fantastic La Tropezienne cake? I love those huge slabs of custard filled bread/cake :)

  2. Hi NQN

    I have to say I didn't even know the cafe was named after a cake :(
    So went back there to try the infamous tropezienne cake. Take a look at the post - I've added a picture.
    Any many thanks for the tip

    Cheers, Food lover

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